The first patient-centric medical records app on Google playstore.

Our Mission & Vision

We desire to be the go to application when it comes to secure medical records storage and improvement of patients compliance to treatment regimens.

High Quality
We seek to produce a high quality product through using the latest native development tools

Continuous updates
We always update the app to meet the latest requirements. We always have a plan to add new features

Response to our users
Our users feedback is very important to keep producing a reliable product. We try to add features that our users need

The app is designed
to act as...

A patient friendly EMR, the hospital records patients data with the app and the patient gets to have some information also from the same app.

The app combines the convenience of saving patients case files from a mobile device with monitoring patients treatment compliance (for chronic conditions such as glaucoma) and also giving the patient some basic access to information concerning their health such as diagnosis, drugs and more.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Easy setup
  • Edit visually
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Some features that made us unique.

Drug compliance
Patient Drug Compliance Tracker

The app alerts the patient when its time to use medications and also gives the Doctor information as to how compliant the patient is to the treatment.

Manage appointments

Appointments can be booked for a hospital visit on the app by either the patient or the Hospital.


Generate invoices for patients from the app.


HMO's can be registered by the hospital and patients billed based on the HMO they belong to.

Patient Education Diagnosis Videos

Patients have access to an explanatory video of their diagnosis at the tip of their fingers.

Products and Services
Products & Services

Products and services can be added to make invoicing easier.

Case file management

Patient case files are easily accessed and managed.


The app is tailored to various branches of medicine such as Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy and so on.



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Docpa pays the hospital, provides the hospital with relevant data concerning the patients compliance to treatment prescribe as well as stores securely all data imputed by the hospital.

Yes the patient needs to download the same app but login as a patient

Patients needs to download the app to give them access to some basic information concerning their health such as diagnosis, drugs, glasses prescription and so on. The patient will also get drug reminder notifications when it is it time to take prescribed medication from the Doctor and lots more.

No the patient does not get access to his case file, the patient only gets, preliminary information suge as name, age, dtae of birth etc, diagnosis and treatment.

The patients are charged a small fee monthly half of which is sent back to the hospital.


A patient centric Electronic medical records app, the hospital records patients data with the app and the patient gets to have some information also from the same app.

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